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The kid has to be at least Sat May 06, 3: Does that make more sense? Now I don't think that a game titled "Whinney the Pooh helps Tigger" should contain the F-bomb, or Whinney jack hammering Tigger from behind My thought behind it was: Seeing a guy puke around a ball gag, and a woman getting her face torched and eyeball pulled out of the socket is no problem.

You currently have javascript disabled. UO and Lineage games push the envolope in scanty garmets. Naked hot famous women. Since practically any game can be modded to include nudity, M is going to stand for Modifiable, not Mature. Swg nude patch. Teen games sell easier without that inconvenient "morality" bullshit that people are so keenly harping on these days in regard to supposedly Mature games. Sykus Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: And if it offends you We can haz mustard on our buns?

Swg nude patch

If so, I had the pleasure of seeing security toss him out of the summit. Sign In Create Account. This is the home for free slots, table games, and other exciting game play. Originally posted by chintznibbles: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Obama nude pics. Filters should be provided so no one person is forced to see or hear that style of content if they dont want to.

If you want 'adult content', then you can download it for a lot less time than it would take to install a patch I obviously dont expect it to come from a Star wars product but I wouldnt be to to surprised to see nudity or profanity actually isnt there already profanity in Grand Theft Auto game?????

Friends enjoy his classic Vblog - https: They claim they can't possibly review every single game that passes through their process, therefore the correction is needed.

But the logic of it is stupid. You literally ruined any opportunity of having a community with the way you run things. And there was no uproar about it. They stopped because of ESRB. What happened to all the adults who had say-so's on Flurry?

I havent seen it but from what I understand it makes the torture scenes in the Passions of the Christ look like a disney film by comparison.

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I know women with very large breasts naturally, and kneejerk reactions about video game avatars being too busty, to me, suggests there is something wrong with being made that way, when plenty of women are.

This is probably why the patch warned about taking so long to apply; the 'offending' texture isn't in 1. Yeah its the same emotes from AoC. Exbii nude aunty. I know as a person that was around for the start of the computer age 40 years oldmany early releases included nudity or special updates to bring in nudity vulgarity really wasnt a issue until resently.

Just something thats been banging around in my head the past while as I read boards and notice the gaming communities as a whole become less and less satisfied with creative abstracts rather then in your face everything.

I don't believe that it's necessary to be graphic, and I don't believe that the industry would embrace an 'R' rating, in any case. Teen games sell easier without that inconvenient "morality" bullshit that people are so keenly harping on these days in regard to supposedly Mature games.

Even on these very boards you can find a thread about how the romance in KotOR2 was to subtle and not in your face enough that people didnt catch on to the meaning behind the acts.

After they took Phoenix down I thought the overwhelming consensus was "fuck those guys". What people are ready to not embrace but tolerate is definately on a far different level then even 10 years ago. Originally posted by Coleman: I'd make a fat ugly chick just for the amusement of running around naked and listening to the respose of others.

I'm personally happy the guy was banned, I think he's an idiot. Swg nude patch. An embrace, something would have been nice.

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Does that make more sense? This mod will not overwrite anything. You can download it here: Isn't there some kind of Disney online game coming soon? For a game creater, thats lost income that really should have been gained income. Karishma nude pics. I agree completly with Cybersquirt and kalimeeri, that it wouldn't be necessary or good for any game to include nudity or graphic language.

Originally posted by Citizenkain: Same goes for swearing, I personally look down on people that swear every second word. Naaa, wasnt refering to Hentai. Nov 20, Posts: Jun 30, Posts: Just because the nay-sayers don't like something, does it give them the right to them what to do? First off, thanks to all for keeping this post in the vein it was meant a mature discussion, not a free for all kiddy thing.


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