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Originally Posted by Chloe But are many 18 year old males attracted to 44 year old women, no matter how "hot"? How many times does this fact need to be retold? In the previous comments about what Sarah Palin advocates and what Bristol was taught, the assumption is made that simply because a child is taught the right way to conduct their life that they will not make mistakes as adults.

Am I missing something? Originally Posted by videoguy. The all-black cat, whose name is sixy, she carries it around with her everywhere and brings it to me and meows until we play fetch with it. Asian milf anal videos. Nymph said on August 31st, at 6: The nude pic is Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. Please add that to Palin's list of imperfections -- idiot, liar, or lazy.

Just like buying dinner for a woman doesn't guarantee sex. Sarah palin photoshopped nude. I would take a host of Republican women seriously-- Olympia Snow comes to mind. Originally Posted by Nicewanbiy What age is she, and to the rest of you, you should be ashamed of yourselves hoping to get a gawk at Mrs.

Why is it a story? Sasha said on August 29th, at 2: You've probably just gained the republican party a few votes with those first two photos. Do you feel like you won something? This is not her. Her daughter is living, breathing proof that such an approach does not work. I also drive myself to work. Nude couples on stage. And it is galling when all the same people who are defending Palin were also people who slayed Jamie Lynn Spear's teen momhood. Afterwards, Hillary famously said of him, that's "Change you can Xerox!

But to my eye, the face is much more bland. I say this in part because I know it will not change the way you think but I'm convinced that one of the biggest advantages the Republicans have had in recent years is the Democrats absolute refusal to take seriously the Republican candidates and their ideas.

They have the nude picture already! I put it on eBay. Bad Man said on August 29th, at 3: Also, oops, your spelling Julia Louis-Dreyfus is correct. Similar backgrounds, same white drape, similar hair. Yeah, but what if her platform was a promise to appear similarly attired in all public appearances for the duration of her vice presidency? Now, if you want to hear a great speech, listen to Fred Thompson. Shorter URL for sharing: Doug, look around you and tell me how those Republican ideas have worked out, and why they should be taken seriously.

Excuse me but am I understanding this correctly.

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To make Palin a triple idiot-- she also talks about her daughter's choice to keep the baby, even though Palin wanted to force teen moms to have parental consent for abortions.

Well, that didn't take long. Cute asian huge tits. But you're right -- I better withhold judgement until her views come out in the next two months.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Sarah palin photoshopped nude. But it was competently delivered, and somehow that's supposed to count. The nude picture was found in company with this pageant bikini-contest shot: Oh I forgot-- Isn't it strange that Palin wants parents to be responsible for their teen daughter's abortion choices I think that Democrats are taking their eye off the ball.

We won't all agree, and that's fine--this is America. Now both parties are more concerned with picking the candidate who has the best chance to "win". The one where he took the story of the crucifixion and replaced "Jesus" with "John McCain"? Go ahead, don't be shy, you can say it: Surprising and a bit thrilling, honestly to see people I personally know on this esteemed blog. According to the New York Times: Originally Posted by videoguy. The time now is And q-tips, which to be honest is an odd obsession of hers Click here to advertise.

We are all imperfect beings. Originally Posted by Chloe Why? The lengths you folks will go to to avoid the dreaded 'A' word. Mom big tits pics. First time comments will be moderated by default. That doesn't really explain it either. That is why the daughter and her fiancee must now endure the harsh light of publicity. Password Go to Page User Name Remember Me? I don't think anyone has a problem with it. I'm psyched about Sarah Palin, and I think she's a great pick.


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