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Bifauxnen - What's up with Kan'u wearing a tie? It's probably too disturbing that the animators dare not show it In-game and full Expy example: If you want to create a new account, please choose a different name. Milf jugs 13. European eroge publisher MangaGamer acquired the localization rights and released an English version on February 28, Wire Dilemma — In Otome Tairan the Nanban Elephant gets turned into a raging beast which no one can defeat, and Chouhi has to cut off its fake tail to get it to return to normal Wise Beyond Their YearsInnocent Prodigy — Koumei; to an extent, Toutaku With Friends Like These — Chouun loves to tease and publicly humiliate, as well as molest her friends.

If you need hints: You must give a valid reason for flagging a post. Also happened to Kada when Chouhi mentioned his name. Theme Tune Cameo — In the finale of Shin KoihimeKakuka has a flashback of her singing the ED after getting out of the shower, and the group performs the OP during their battle of the idol singers Through Her Stomach — Several times througout the series, but most prominently featured at the very ending of Otome Tairan: Brick Joke - Played very straight in episode 8 of Otome Tairan: When asked by Kan'u what she had just said, she tries denying she said anything at all Sweat Drop — Kan'u, among others Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors - Battles in the visual novels: When Riri describes what she saw, Choun wonders if what Riri saw was, in her words, " using her fingers to ride the stairs to heaven.

Enshou and her retainers are shown wearing gold or gold-plated armor, to signify both her delusions and the great wealth of her territory. Koihime musou nude. More than that, Kazuto explicitly references this, probably having remembered it from the novels. He even gives a callout of the game's basic premise, calling out the game devs' thought process of "what if we make a story where all the generals from ROTK were gender bent into girls? The visual novel plays this trope straight, however. Cipher Scything - As stated in the article, the animated adaptation removes Kazuto altogether.

Shin Koihime manages to enable censorship Cuteness Proximity - Shutai tends to lose it around cute critters, especially cats. Mythology Gag - In the some of the anime endings, the girls are seen wearing new outfits.

Big EaterHyperactive Metabolism - Chouhi and Bachou, but Kyocho outperforms both because she's a freaking pro at eating contests. In the bid to kill Ukitsu, it's Choukaku who's actually wearing it, and it's enough to fool Ukitsu into thinking she's Ryuubi.

This is NOT related to the hentai anime Koihime. Motorcycle women naked. Ineffectual Death Threats — Kan'u constantly employs this when encountering bandits Bachou states she will kill Sousou but has since given up on it after asking a favor to provide reinforcements in the season one finale Sousou keeps claiming she'll have Kada's head, but he seems safe In short, every time someone comes up with a fictional idea, they create another universe, an "alternate history", following the script of that person's thoughts.

There are some ecchi series that are actually fun to watch, and then there are others that you just watch for the cheesecake. I hate shows with virtually all female characters and for some reason they are oblivious to the male sex. The factions respective strategists are often shown playing Xiangqi, the Chinese version of chess.

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Depending on region, the broadcast episodes can legally be seen for free at Crunchyroll: Since she is a airhead she has few useful skills for the Gi army, but one of her best ones is in her commanding abilities; On top of that her men are very loyal to her, according to her they 'always do their best'.

When it comes down to it, Shin Koihime Musou is a simple show, which means if you're up for some simple entertainment, it's going to do just that. If you look closely at the first ED, you'll notice Chouun is happily eating a huge plate of nothing but menma. Non nude pic forum. Hopeless Suitor - It's highly unlikely Ryuubi will ever answer Gien's feelings. Koihime musou nude. A sequel to the OVA was released on July 7,where the characters went on a trip to a southern island. Only Six Faces — The recurring bandit gangs parody this: And judging from Kan'u's reaction, Chouryou seems to fit this trope well.

The animated adaptation turns it into Yuri Fan bait by removing Kazuto altogether: Dogakobo rests on the other side of the spectrum in their ecchi series. Batai and Gien in the Shin Koihime game seem to fight over almost anything, even if it's something silly and mundane. The second, Web Koihime Musou: Too Long Didn't Dub — Because all translations insist on using the direct Japanese equivalents of the characters' actual Chinese names, most of the international audience don't even know it's based on Romance of the Three Kingdomsand those who do have an incredibly hard time following along trying to keep track of who everyone's supposed to be.

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Add to My List. Body Double - In the final attack against Ukitsu, Ryuubi wearing a green version of Kaichou Kamen's mask tries to stab him, but he knocks her down with a magic spell, leaving her dangling on the ledge of his mobile base. This gives you reinforcements to your original troop count. Milf trib tube. Her skill in persuading others is shown mainly through her ability to raise the moral of her troops and recruiting civilian soldiers.

And then she gets it stuck However, she is quicky defeated via titillation. Kouchuu's daughter Riri might count Tome of Eldritch Lore — In the Shin Koihime anime, there exists a magical book "Crucial Keys to the Way of Peace", with a slight mind of its own, thus even if used for good, will cause misfortune and strife.

She is only saved by Koumei. Petite Pride — Sousou and Keifa, who're fairly flat-chested, are instead proud of their bust size, or at least claim to be, stating size isn't the only important factor: Token Mini Moe — Chouhi and later, Koumei.

Muscles Are Meaningless - Very few characters are drawn with a muscular physique but some of the more diminutive characters are among the physically strongest such as Chouhi or Kyocho.

Too bad they have a double-standard when it comes to abortion or homosexuality. During the battle against To faction early in the game, Shunran gets shot in the eye by an enemy's arrow. It appears Kan'u doesn't want to relinquish the Team Mom position in the anime, given how she absolutely doesn't want Ryuubi to become the eldest of their sisterhood pact Considering what Ryuubi is compared to Kan'u, it's more or less justified

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Lesbian porn drawings For more details, please read the wiki. Retrieved from " http: Too Long Didn't Dub — Because all translations insist on using the direct Japanese equivalents of the characters' actual Chinese names, most of the international audience don't even know it's based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms , and those who do have an incredibly hard time following along trying to keep track of who everyone's supposed to be.
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